10 Common Solar Panel Buyer Errors and How to Avoid Them


The global solar energy systems market was valued at $160.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.7% from 2022 to 2030.

But where can you look to locate solar panels you’ll love? How should your home be modified to accept solar panels? And what solar panel buyer errors should you avoid while installing solar panels?

There are several things to remember while looking for solar panels for sale to ensure you receive all you desire. Choosing the right one for your house is crucial in your strategy. Your goal is to become energy independent or to help the environment.

Continue reading to learn more about common solar panel buyer errors and how to avoid them.

1. Worrying About How the Direction of Your Roof Can Affect Your Solar Energy

A common misconception is that you can’t install solar panels because of the angle and orientation of your roof.  Roof orientation may be the least of your concerns due to the efficiency and complexity of today’s solar panels. The efficiency of solar energy supplies only produces around 10% to 15% of the expected amount of energy.

Consumers can settle this by figuring out their household’s peak demand times. Yet, it is crucial to ensure that your roof is sturdy enough. So, it is recommended that you renovate your roof at the same time as you install solar.

Doing this will allow you to save smartly on extra costs and labor rather than putting it off. Thinking that your roof doesn’t face the optimal direction Solar panels are efficient even if they are not pointing north.

If your roof is not oriented, you will only lose 10–15% of your solar system’s output. Your solar panels should face east or west for morning or evening sunshine.

2. Unable to Determine the Best Solar Panel Size for the House

The one-size-fits-all way of thinking must be abandoned at this stage. Selecting a solar system for your home can be challenging because every house is different, and every household has distinct needs. It is a barrier to overcome. Solar panel experts test each factor and select the best quote.

They’ll ask you what your financial plans are to meet those goals. Some things to think about are:

  • The size of the house
  • Your usual energy use
  • Arrangements and long-term goals

Customers may also have questions about determining what size is best for their home. Look over your prior power bills to determine how much kWh you consumed. Then, total the last four quarters to see how much electricity you consume each year.

3. Ignoring Rebates and Incentives

The price a solar PV system for a local home will cost between $15,000 and $30,000, but depending on where you live, you may not have to pay that much. You may use methods and strategies to reduce the cost of a solar PV system.

Be aware of the frequent mistakes people make and how to prevent them. Ignoring rebates and incentives is one such mistake. Most governments and energy providers provide rebates and tax advantages to homeowners who install solar panel systems.

Prior research on these programs can result in financial savings. Comparing various solutions might be helpful because some big businesses provide incentives.

It’s crucial to maximize your investment when buying a solar panel system by first looking into rebates and incentives. By doing this, the solar system may become even more cost-effective and contribute to long-term energy cost reduction.

4. Getting Only a Few Quotes

Because switching to a solar plan is an arduous task, it needs complete focus. Avoid rushing through this complex procedure, and take your time to complete each step carefully. With this advice in mind, it is also urged that you get many bids rather than basing your entire solar installation strategy just on one.

Get estimates from as many different installers as you can. Getting plenty of quotes takes time, but it is worthwhile. You’ll be able to determine who is offering the best bargain.

At the same time, you’ll be alert to shady companies selling costly goods and services. When looking for a home solar system, it is crucial to receive many quotations. One or two quotes are looked at, but this is low.

You may find out how much solar energy will cost you by requesting quotes from many other businesses. It enables you to determine if solar energy fits into your budget. Only gathering a few quotes is one of the problems.

It may appear like the easiest option, but in the long term, it may be pricey.  Buyers cannot check product costs and features when they receive quotations. Customers should examine costs and features across quotes.

Buyers may locate the ideal goods and the most affordable pricing through investigation. You can check out this solar company for more information.

5. Complete Reliance on Installers

It is crucial to listen to this advice to prevent the errors that buyers regret. Put as much thought into buying a solar system as you would into any other purchase. Avoid installers ignoring your questions and entertaining customers who are willing to purchase.

Start by reading some of the credentials on the installer’s webpage. Investigate the brand and chat with a representative before making a choice. You must conduct a study before investing since you have many options.

6. Unaware of Warranty

A strong guarantee increases the allure of a bargain, but it’s crucial to understand the different kinds of warranties and their uses. The solar panels have a warranty. Never believe the installation when they claim the system has to be serviced around once a year.

It is still valid if you adhere to the installer’s and manufacturer’s instructions. You won’t have to pay any maintenance fees, allowing you to maintain your warranty. Customers receive offers of instant assurance valid for a given time.

Some may find this startling, but you shouldn’t believe anything anyone tells you! They will inform you to maintain the system’s guarantee. Your solar installation has to be held at least once every two years. But that is untrue.

Quality solar systems only need annual cleaning and maintenance once every five years. Don’t trust any salesperson who says you’ll have to pay a maintenance charge to maintain your panels under warranty. Ensuring that the solar panel system has a 25-year performance warranty is another trick dishonest salespeople use to hit their sales goals.

If your system has a problem during the 25-year warranty period, they will cover it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Solar manufacturers find it easy to creep out of their performance warranties.

Consider the warranty that is included with the purchase. The proof will protect you from any equipment malfunctions in the future. It is crucial to understand whether the product’s warranty fits your needs.

Buying from a reputable brand is necessary because every brand offers different warranty lengths. Understanding all the details will help you make the best decision for you and your solar panel. Your solar system comes with four different warranties.

One of them is the guarantee of performance. The remaining three are:

  • An inverter guarantee of ten years
  • A five-year craftsmanship warranty
  • Your solar panels come with a 10-year guarantee

7. The Residential Solar Subsidies Were Not Taken Into Account

Being clueless about undiscovered benefits that people are aware of might damage your investment. It could not provide you with complete access to your investment. Household solar energy is a cheap way to power your home.

But most people don’t realize how much money they may save by buying and installing solar panels. Even if rebates are challenging, you should still be able to calculate your returns. The government offers the solar incentive, whereas the state controls the feed-in tariff.

Understanding the differences between the hybrid options is one of the main errors customers make while looking for solar panels. A hybrid option is a combination of both solar and wind energy. The hybrid may become more expensive over time.

They could assess these rewards through the solar panel’s design and purpose.

Grid-Connected Solar Energy

These solar panel systems are grid-connected and do not need backup batteries. During the day, you’ll use the grid to supplement the energy supplied by your panels.

Off-Grid Solar Power

In an off-the-grid setup, solar panels provide the power that your home requires. It is cut off from the utility grid.

Solar-Electric Hybrid

The best elements of both systems are combined in a hybrid solar system. You can use the grid’s uninterruptible power supply.

8. Failure to Properly Prepare Your Solar System for the Future

Residential solar systems are expected to endure for at least 25 years. During this time, your electricity needs may fluctuate. Keep your future requirements and expectations in mind at all times.

A residential solar system can be combined with battery storage to boost capacity and efficiency. When you’re ready to update, consult with your solar panel company adviser about how your solar system will need to adapt or progress. Consider investing in a system to handle your current and future energy needs.

Additionally, research the climate in your area. Solar panels need direct sunlight to be efficient. Weather patterns such as heavy clouds and rain can affect their efficiency.

Choose solar panel systems with an energy efficiency rating for your area. By preparing for the future, you can ensure your solar system meets your energy needs for years. Your need is an easy challenge to overcome because most reputable solar contractors will come to your home.

They will ask about your budget and how much you intend to spend to get the right solar system for your energy demand and budget. All the removed errors are prevalent when purchasing a solar system. Do your homework before buying a solar system.

9. Choosing a Low-Cost Solution Over a Costly One

You’re probably thinking about going solar to save money. It is only possible to save money on a solar array by taking shortcuts. Buying cheap solar panels is the best option now.

Updating faulty or broken system components may cost you more money in the long run. Yet, this does not imply that you should get the best solar batteries and ignore little solar power cells since larger batteries must be preferable. Customers should always engage a professional to test the site and choose the best product to stop these errors.

Get a qualified installer to guarantee the installation is done correctly. Examine all the possible long-term savings a solar system may offer. It can help solar panel suppliers get the most out of their structures.

10. Ignoring Licenses and Certifications

It’s important to know what parts of your property are prohibited, and the rules may differ based on where you live. It might create considerable delays in the installation of your solar energy system. Their pending access may not be terminated.

It might be a barrier to acquiring a new permit, lengthening the time it takes to gain the benefits of solar power. Ensure that the equipment is current and has the necessary licenses and certificates. Some purchasers may need to pay more attention to the value of obtaining this data, which might result in errors in the future.

It is vital to get information about the credentials of the panel installation. All solar panel goods should be certified by organizations. Buyers should always ask for this data and only trust a supplier who accepts to supply certificates.

It assures that the client chooses a safe and dependable product. Ignoring licenses and certifications can lead to serious errors that could cause injury.

Understanding These Common Solar Panel Buyer Errors

By understanding the most common solar panel buyer errors, you can make a quality investment that suits your needs. Do your research and take your time so that you may choose the best system for your solar panel budget. Use all the resources for research to make an informed decision.

Invest in a trusted solar panel installation team, and test the manufacturer’s performance warranties for the benefits of solar energy. When in doubt, ask questions and hire a professional. To guarantee a smooth and successful solar panel installation, go to High Coast Solar immediately.

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