3 Tips for Choosing an Adult Family Home in Washington State


Did you know that there are 16.2% of adults over the age of sixty-five live in Washington?

That has a lot of people wondering how to make sure a loved one who needs care is safe and taken care of. The best way to make that happen is to find an adult family home in Washington. 

If you have an ailing or elderly loved one living with you, you might consider an adult family home.

In this article, we list three crucial tips to ensure you do your due diligence. Let’s get started!

1. Quality of Care Options

Remember, the quality of care should be the number one priority when choosing an adult family home in Washington State. Start by researching the facility and its staff. Making sure they are adequately trained and experienced in providing the type of care that is needed.

Take the time to call and speak with the home administrators and owners, as well as tour their facility in person. Inquire about their policies and the quality of care they provide and how they handle emergencies. Read reviews and check this page on adult family homes in Kent Washington to help you in your search.

You may also look into real estate in Washington for more information. Visit the location to get a feel of the atmosphere and observe the interactions between the staff and the residents.

It is also important to find out what services are available such as activities for residents to participate in, safety protocols, and nutritious meals. Ask for references from recent residents and their families to gain an understanding of their experiences. 

2. License and Insurance

It is important to verify that the facility holds proper licensure and insurance. They must have a current license issued by the  Department of Social and Health Services and proper liability insurance. This assures that the property is properly regulated and secure for residents.

The home should have workers’ compensation insurance for their care providers. It is important to contact the DSHS Office of Regulatory Services and inquire about the licenses and other related information before making a decision. They provide a list of registered adult family homes on their website.

It is also a good idea to contact other state agencies, such as Long-Term Care Ombudsman or Ombuds Services, to see if they have any additional information. Finally, review any prospective adult home to ensure it meets all requirements as specified in the regulations set forth by the Washington State Department of Health.

3. Location and Accessibility

Look for a home close to family, friends, and other support systems. If a family member needs regular visits, it’s important to find a home close by. 

It is also important to select a community easily navigated and near amenities such as grocery stores, banks, or medical services. Give preference to homes by Seattle real estate with transportation options like buses or taxi services. 

Other key accessibility tips include considering if the home has an elevator and is ADA compliant and if it offers onsite parking and is close to public transit. 

Follow These Tips for Choosing the Best Adult Family Home in Washington

Adult family homes provide a home-like living environment for elderly adults in Washington State. Consider the quality of care options, license and insurance, and location and accessibility of an adult family home.

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