5 Features of the Best Travel Trailer for Full Time Living

Best Travel Trailer

As of 2020, there were around 1 million Americans living in RVs full-time. If you’re thinking about living in an RV, you should be sure that you have the right travel trailer for the job.

There are many different RV and travel trailer options out there. Although many are suitable for short weekend trips and getaways, not all of them will provide the right level of comfort for long-term living.

Here are 5 important features to consider when choosing the best travel trailer for full-time living.

1. The Right RV Cost

Before looking for RV trailers for sale, you’ll need to decide on a budget.

There’s a wide variety of prices out there when it comes to RVs and travel trailers. While larger and more fully-featured RVs will be on the more expensive side, there are plenty of budget options that can still be good choices for full-timers.

You may want to consider buying a used RV to save money and get a great travel trailer at a lower price.

2. A Great Floor Plan

Another thing to think about when buying a full-time travel trailer is its size and floor plan. While smaller travel trailers will be easier to haul, larger floor plans provide more comfort and will work well for a larger family.

The good full-time travel trailer will include plenty of space for everyone who will be living in the RV. Be sure that everyone who is living in the space will be able to lounge about and sleep comfortably.

3. Useful Amenities

RVs and travel trailers vary quite a bit, so each one has different amenities. You should think about what will be most important for you and your family and should choose a travel trailer that has the specific features you need.

For example, some features that you might want to look for include a large refrigerator, multiple bathrooms, or simply an RV that gets great gas mileage.

4. Strong Electrical Hookups

When buying a travel trailer, you should also know whether it has 30 amp hookups or 50 amp hookups.

A travel trailer that has 30 amp hookups won’t be able to run quite as many appliances at the same time as one that has 50 amps. Generally, smaller travel trailers will have 30 amp hookups and larger ones will have 50 amp hookups.

If you plan to live in your RV full time, you should look for a travel trailer that has 50 amp hookups. This will help ensure that you can run any appliances that you’ll need to use without any problems.

5. An Easy-to-Use Waste Disposal System

Another key thing to think about during camper living is wastewater disposal.

The better your travel trailer’s waste system is, the more comfortable you’ll be living in it full-time. Be sure to look for a quality waste disposal system and ensure that the tanks on the travel trailer will be easy to use.

It’s also a good idea to get an RV that has a modern digital system for tracking the levels of the black and gray water tanks.

Finding the Best Travel Trailer for Full-Time Living

To choose the best travel trailer for full-time living, you should look for all of the features listed above. Be sure that the travel trailer is within your budget and verify that it has the floor plan and amenities you need.

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