5 Refreshingly Ice Cold Water Drink Ideas: Non-Alcoholic Recipes


What’s better than a glass of ice cold water drink?

Well, there’s quite a lot better than a glass of cold, refreshing water if you want to try some flavor. But maybe you don’t want a fizzy, caffeinated beverage and want an alternative to alcoholic drinks.

There’s a world of possibilities for alternative or nonalcoholic drinks for your next family gathering. Try some of these nonalcoholic homemade drink ideas out for your next party to keep your guests hydrated.

1. Cucumber Mint Infused Water

Cucumber mint-infused water is extremely easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. To make it, gather cucumbers, fresh mint leaves, filtered water, and some ice cubes. Slice the cucumbers and add to a large pitcher filled with several cups of cold water.

Take the fresh mint leaves and roughly chop them before adding them to the pitcher as well. Let the infusion soak for at least an hour before serving over some ice cubes. It’s a wonderfully light and refreshing beverage with the cooling taste of mint and cucumber for a perfect summer drink.

2. Watermelon Lime Agua Fresca

Watermelon Lime Agua Fresca is a simple recipe that takes no time to prepare and is perfect for a hot summer day. The key ingredients for this recipe are watermelon, limes, and sweeteners. Watermelon contains electrolytes, like potassium, which helps to rehydrate your body, while limes give the drink its tart flavor, and the sweetener can be adjusted according to taste.

3. Lemon Cucumber Sparkler

The Lemon Cucumber Sparkler drink is both healthy and easy to make. To make the Sparkler, all you need is lemon juice, cucumber, sparkling water, and lots of crushed ice. Then simply blend the cucumber, lemon juice, and crushed ice until smooth, add the sparkling water, and you have a light, flavor-filled beverage.

The lemon juice adds a nice refreshing tartness to the drink, which contrasts delightfully with the distinctive coolness of the cucumber. The bubbles from the sparkling water add texture and lift to the drink making it truly special.

4. Berry-Infused Spa Water

Berry-infused spa water is a great non-alcoholic alternative made with a combination of various sweet berries. Made with the addition of fresh or frozen berries, spa water provides a refreshing and tangy flavor. With a slightly tart flavor from the berry infusion, this spa water is a great way to stay hydrated and enjoy a tasty treat.

5. Iced Hibiscus Tea

Iced Hibiscus Tea has a slightly sweet and tart flavor, which is great for a hot day. Preparing this tea is easy and only requires hibiscus tea, sugar, and cold water. You can even switch up the ingredients with honey, lime, or orange juice for added sweetness and acidity.

Once this tea is made, you can add a few ice cubes for an extra cold drink. Iced Hibiscus Tea can be served right away or stored in the refrigerator for up to two days.

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Try These Ice Cold Water Drink Ideas

Refreshingly ice cold water drink ideas can be a great alternative to sugary-sweet or alcoholic beverages. With some simple ingredients, these drinks can make your day! Try one of these drink recipes today for a chill refreshment!

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