A Guide to Preppy Summer Clothes for Women


There are dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of reasons why people love summer so much. They love it because it’s warm and sunny. They also love it because it allows them to go swimming, sit on the beach, and take part in so many other outdoor activities.

But they also love it for one other important reason: All the summer clothes! There are so many awesome women’s fashion trends you’ll be able to jump on when the summer starts.

In 2023, preppy summer clothes are all the rage. If you’re in the market for some fun summer fashion, you should strongly consider picking out preppy summer clothes to wear on a regular basis.

So, which preppy summer clothes should you make sure are a part of your wardrobe? We’ve put together a summer women’s fashion guide to help you select the right summer wear. Check it out below.

Button-Down Shirts

When you’re first buying preppy summer clothes, it would be best to begin by picking out a bunch of shirts. To achieve the preppy look, button-down shirts and button-down poplin shirts, in particular, would work well.

You should try to fill your closet with an assortment of these button-down shirts in many different colors. You’ll be able to wear them to work or to any other events you might attend this summer.

To avoid getting too warm when you put button-down shirts on, you should get into the habit of rolling up the sleeves ever so slightly. It’ll give you a much preppier look while also keeping you cool on warm summer days.

Cardigan Sweaters

You’re probably (er, make that hopefully!) not going to need to pull out sweaters to wear too often in the summer. The beautiful thing about the summer is that it’ll be warm enough to leave your sweaters in the closet for the most part.

But there may be a few nights here and there when the temperature will dip and you’ll need to throw a sweater on. It’s why it’ll be nice to have cardigan sweaters on hand if possible. They’ll be an excellent addition to your preppy summer clothes.

Capri Jeans

You’re going to want to avoid wearing full-length jeans in the summertime since they might make you feel too warm. But capri jeans will be a great choice when you’re getting ready in the morning throughout the summer.

Unlike regular jeans, capri jeans will often look a little more dressed up, so you might be able to get away with wearing them to the office. You can also wear them to any summer parties, concerts, etc. you’ll be attending without having to sacrifice your preppy appearance.

Colorful Chinos

In addition to buying a few pairs of capri jeans when you’re shopping for preppy summer clothes, you should also incorporate some colorful chinos into the mix. You’ll be able to mix and match them with your colorful button-down shirts to make a big splash when you step out of the house in the summer.

Colorful chinos might be a better option for those who are buying women’s clothes for work. But you can also wear these chinos for almost any other occasion without looking like you’re too dressed up for it.

Cotton Shorts and Skirts

Do you live in a part of the country where it gets to be very hot in the summer? If so, you might want to shy away from wearing jeans and/or chinos whenever possible.

Instead, you should have a large selection of cotton shorts and skirts you can turn to when it gets to be hot outside. They’ll make you look every bit as fashionable as you’d like without forcing you to sacrifice comfort one bit.

Just try to avoid buying any cotton shorts and skirts that look too athletic if you plan to wear them to work, events, etc. You can still buy a few of these types of shorts and skirts, but it’ll be best to wear them around the house as opposed to outside of it.

A-Line Dresses

Do you know you’re going to be attending a few formal events this summer? You’ll want to go all out when you’re in attendance at them by picking up at least a few dresses you can wear.

Those trying to get the preppy look will be able to do it by buying A-line dresses that have V-necks or scoop-necks. You might also want to give thought to going with an A-line dress that has a boat-style neck on it.

Just be sure to bring along one of your cardigan sweaters in case you get cold in your dress. It’s another good reason to buy these sweaters when you’re shopping around for preppy summer clothes.

Ballet Flats

You’re going to spend your fair share of time walking around outside in the summer, so you’ll need to throw something comfortable on your feet. On some days, this will mean putting on a pair of sneakers, but you should also have ballet flats accessible to you.

Ballet flats can be dressed up or dressed down without a problem. They’ll also keep your feet comfy when you’re out showing off your new preppy summer clothes to the world.

Purchase Preppy Summer Clothes for the Season

The summertime is finally here, but it won’t be here forever. In just a few short months, you’ll have to start wearing long pants, heavy sweaters, and even jackets outside.

For this reason, you should take full advantage of all the preppy summer clothes available to you. Pick up as many of them as you can and start wearing them all around town while soaking up everything summer has to offer.

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