A Quick Overview of OSHA PPE Training Courses


The importance of Personal protective equipment (PPE) is highlighted by the fact the PPE market was worth $19.37 billion in 2022.

However, despite being crucial for keeping employees safe, not all workers know how to use PPE effectively. This can put themselves and others at risk of harm. 

To ensure employees can safeguard themselves, it’s beneficial to take an OSHA PPE training course. 

Here are some of the key topics you’ll review.

Hazard Assessment

One of the most important aspects you’ll cover when studying OSHA PPE training online is identifying hazards. This could include potential dangers such as glass shards, chemical spillages, moving objects, and noise. 

You’ll learn when it’s safe to work in certain environments, and when there is a threat to health and safety. This can make it easier to anticipate problems before they occur and also help you negate these issues when you see them in the workplace. 

Using PPE Correctly for Protection

The various types of PPE provide excellent protection when used correctly. Let’s look at several different uses for PPE.

Eye and Face Protection

When you’re obtaining your PPE certification, you’ll study how to protect your eyes and face. Injuries in these areas can be life-changing, so learning about protecting them is vital.

PPE for your eyes and face can include eye goggles or a full face shield.

Respiratory Protection

Depending on where you are working, there could be hazardous substances in the air. For example, there may be dust that could enter your airways or infected droplets that could lead to illness. 

During an OSHA PPE course, you’ll learn about the use of respiratory masks to help keep you safe. 

Legs and Feet Protection

Heat-resistance pants, heavy-duty boots, and non-skid soles are all examples of PPE equipment that can safeguard your legs and feet. Depending on the circumstances, you may also need long gowns that cover your legs.

PPE Responsibilities

A significant part of earning OSHA certifications is understanding your responsibilities. Employers have a duty of care to provide PPE equipment to their workers, and employees need to ensure they use it appropriately.

All parties need to work together to ensure the PPE equipment provided is of the appropriate quality and that it is used properly. By undertaking an OSHA PPE course, you’ll understand the importance of maintaining PPE equipment standards.

Book Your OSHA PPE Course

When you take an OSHA PPE training course, you’ll gain vital knowledge that can protect you and others. Not only will you be able to identify hazards, but you’ll also know how to use different types of PPE in the proper manner. This can include protecting your airways, eyes, and feet to reduce the risk of harm.

By meeting OSHA compliance standards, you can have confidence you’ll be doing everything possible to stay safe in the workplace. 

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