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Black Cat Marvel

Today we are going to discuss Marvel’s Anti Superheroine Black Cat Marvel. Black Cat is a world-famous American comic book and movie production company Marvel Studios comic book fictional character. In comic books, she plays her role as a lover of Spiderman, sometimes as an opponent of Spiderman, and sometimes as his ally.

Black Cat is a professional thief or cat burglar. She was a lover of Spiderman until Spiderman finds out that Black Cat loves Spiderman more than Peter Parker. After their breakup, they continue their teamwork against supervillains.

Black Cat trained herself in fighting skills and other training after the trauma of assault by an Ex.

Is Black Cat Marvel or DC

Black Cat Marvel

Black Cat Marvel is a fictional character who is introduced into The Amazing Spider-man 2 comic book which is published by the world-famous comic books industry Marvel Studios.

It’s a Marvel character.

Black Cat Marvel history

Black Cat Marvel

Black Cat Marvel real name in comics is Felicia Hardy. In July 1979 Marvel published a comic The Amazing Spiderman issue no.#194. In this comic book, Black Cat was introduced first time as a professional thief. The creators of Black Cat Marvel are:

  • Marv Wolfman
  • Dave Cockrum
  • Keith Pollard

 Felicia Hardy or Black Cat is the daughter of Walter Hardy. Walter Hardy was a famous cat burglar. Black Cat works in her father’s footsteps. She also works with some other superheroes against supervillains and other threats. Black Cat is featured in many comics and video games and animation movies as an ally of spiderman. The Amazing Spiderman 2 of 2014 Black Cat Marvel role played by Felicity Jones. 

Black Cat was also born in Queens as Spiderman. In Spiderman/Black Cat comic she tells that she was sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. After that, she trains herself for revenge. After

the training when she goes for revenge she finds out her ex is dead because of a driving accident. Then she uses her skills for robbery and she becomes famous like her father. After some robberies, she makes her costume to hide her identity like Spiderman. Black Cat team up with some other superheroes teams like.

  • Defenders
  • A-Force
  • Heroes of Hire

It starts when Spiderman wrapped up the Black Cat. She faces a big loss of stolen items. She swears her revenge on spiderman and then she becomes the lord of crimes. She is the best partner of Spiderman.

Once Felicia Hardy was blamed for the robbery of the Holographic Projector but she didn’t steal the projector and spiderman knows that and then he hired Matt Murdock as her lawyer to prove her innocence and Matt proved her innocence. 

 Black Cat Marvel powers

Black Cat Marvel

In the start, Felicia had no superpowers but after some experiments, she become a superhero or vigilante. Black Cat has some abilities like:

  • Vision
  • Enhanced strength
  • Professional burglar
  • Make bad luck for her enemy
  • Hand-to-hand combat expert
  • Martial art expert

And some other abilities.

Black Cat Marvel appearance in video games:

Felicia Hardy appeared in many video games like:

  • Spider-man 2
  • Spider-man: Friend or Foe
  • Spider-man: Edge of time
  • Marvel’s Spider-man
  • The Amazing Spider-man 
  • The Amazing Spider-man 2
  • Lego Marvel superheroes

Felicity Jones Black Cat

The Amazing Spiderman 2 of 2014 Black Cat Marvel role played by Felicity Jones. Felicity Rose Hadley Jones is a professional English actress. Felicity Jones was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress. She is the daughter of Gareth Jones and Julia Jones. She was born on 17, October 1983. She played a great role as a Black Cat in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Black Cat Marvel Quotes

Some famous quotes from Black Cat Marvel:

  • ‘’ My bad luck powers. . . they’re gone!!’’
  • ‘’…What’s happening, Peter? why do I feel so angry…?’’
  • ‘’Personally, darling I’ll take larceny over virtue every time!’’
  • ‘’I trust you, Silk.’’
  • ‘’I’m not a hero, I’m a thief. Born a thief. Raised a thief. Will die a thief.’’
  • ‘’Excuse me, folks…while I slip into something a little more violent.’’

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