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Bossip is your source for entertainment news, videos, and photos of celebrities, music, TV shows, movies, and models. is the leading celebrity and entertainment news site for African Americans. Bossip gets over 2.1 million unique visitors a month and has been featured on BET and CNN. Bossip is one of the leading entertainment sites for African Americans.

Black Celebrity Gossip and News. BOSSIP is the most popular celebrity gossip site in the world. We have all the latest rumors, news, and updates on your favorite stars including Kim Kardashian West, Beyoncé & JAY-Z, Kanye West, Cardi B & Offset, Nicki Minaj & Drake, Rihanna & Drake – just to name a few!

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Basketball Wives

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle is a reality television series that premiered on VH1 on July 13, 2012, and ended on December 9, 2016, after its eighth season. The series follows the lives of rappers T-Pain and Tiny Harris as they run their company “Sugar-Free Deals” out of Atlanta, Georgia; however, it also features their wives Keyshia Cole and Porsha Williams (who was married to Terrence Howard before divorcing him), as well as their children from previous relationships and previous marriages to other people (such as rapper Bow Wow’s son). The show’s name comes from a song by rapper Gucci Mane called “Wifes”.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is a reality television series that airs on VH1. The show follows the lives of several women and men in hip-hop music, while also featuring their personal relationships and family situations.

The spin-off of Love & Hip Hop: New York and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood debuted in January 2017, with its fifth season airing from June 2018 to March 2019.

Basketball Wives

  • Khloe Kardashian: Khloe Kardashian is a reality television star and entrepreneur. She has been married to Lamar Odom since 2009 and has four children with him.
  • Tami Roman: Tami Roman is a former NBA player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Chicago Bulls during his career. After retiring from sports in 2005, he became an agent at CAA Sports Management Group where he represents several athletes including LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade among others

T.I. & Tiny

T.I., aka Clifford Harris Jr., and Tiny, his wife of over 10 years, is the real deal.

They have been together since the early 2000s and have three children together. They’re a perfect example of how long-term relationships should work: no drama, just love!

Porsha Williams

  • Porsha Williams of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is reportedly pregnant with her first child.
  • The news comes just days after Williams announced she and her husband Kordell Stewart had separated.

Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir

Keyshia Ka’oir is the new Mrs. Gucci Mane, who has been married to the rapper since 2016. The couple has a daughter together and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gucci Mane’s ex-wife Brittany Furlan filed for divorce from him on December 21st because she felt that he cheated on her with Keyshia Ka’oir, who at that time was pregnant with their second child together.

Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Harris

Mendeecees Harris is the ex-husband of Yandy Smith. He was married from 2004 to 2011, and they had a daughter together, Skylar.

Mendeecees has also had a child with another woman, but he is not the father.

Yung Joc & Karlie Redd

Yung Joc and Karlie Redd are an item. The pair have been dating for over a year, and they seem very happy together. They even posed for PDA pictures in the press room at this year’s BET Awards!

Karlie Redd is a model, actress, and entrepreneur who started her career as a teenager on reality TV shows like Making the Band 2 before moving on to bigger things: landing roles in movies like Think Like A Man Too (in which she played one of Steve Harvey’s love interests). She also starred alongside Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 2; now she’s working on her own show called Cartel Kingdom which will premiere sometime next year—and who knows what else she has up her sleeve?

Lyfe Jennings Accused Of Assaulting Girlfriend And Holding Her Hostage For 3 Days

Lyfe Jennings is accused of assaulting his girlfriend and holding her hostage for three days. The singer was arrested on Friday, July 29, and is being held on $10,000 bail. He’s also facing drug charges which could add to his jail time if convicted.

According to TMZ, the alleged victim says she met with Lyfe at a Los Angeles hotel on July 27th where they had sex before going out together again later that night with some other friends who were staying there as well – including fellow R&B singer Kiiara (who was also arrested last week). They all got back together around 3 am but things took a turn when they returned home where Lyfe allegedly became angry because he thought one of their guests was snooping through their belongings while everyone else had gone upstairs already.”

While some people may think this is just another example of celebrity drama or even just typical day-to-day issues between couples who live together but don’t necessarily love each other anymore…it’s important not only because it exposes how much violence exists within our society today but also because we can learn from these kinds

Black Celebrity Gossip, Entertainment News, and Black Hollywood Rumors – BOSSIP

BOSSIP is a site dedicated to entertainment news and gossip about black celebrities, athletes, and other public figures. The website has more than 10 million monthly readers worldwide, making it the most popular celebrity gossip site in America.

The site’s founder Omari Hardwick started the site as a way for him to keep up with his favorite artists’ new releases, but after seeing how much interest there was around these stories online he decided to expand BOSSIP into an all-encompassing source of black entertainment news.

Bossip’s working culture

The same thing happened to me a few years back. I was dating a guy and he was not treating me well. I took a job at a popular wedding venue here in the city to have something to do during the day besides sitting around his house and making a little money, of course.

I had no idea it was a “white” wedding venue until I saw the employees and started talking. I figured an African-American woman would work there, but, no, they didn’t want me working there. I felt like I was “too black” to work at a “white” wedding venue and that hurt. 

I know it hurts a lot of black people in the past when they were turned down for jobs because of their race. I also know, as a consumer, I do not like to feel like I was not given a chance to work because of my skin color. I don’t like being treated as a second-class citizen, despite the fact that it is “legal” to do so. I think this is why people are so upset by the Bossip story.

Bossip meaning

When someone is described as being “bossy”, it is not always a compliment. Bossy, in this sense, has a negative connotation, and it is often used to describe someone who is too controlling or domineering. The term “bossy” is sometimes used to describe a woman who is assertive, who is used to giving orders, and who tends to be dominant. 

Unlike the term “pushy”, which is often used to describe men who behave in the same way, “bossy” is often considered to be a term that is reserved for women only.

The Future of Bossip

Bossip is a website that offers celebrity gossip news, fashion, and beauty. It was started in 2006 by the celebrity blogger, Natasha Stokes. The site was based in Atlanta, Georgia, but in 2011 a new Bossip was launched based in New York City. Bossip has over 1.5 million readers per month and as of 2011, it was attracting over 20 million visitors a month.

Latest Bossip breaking news

Bossip is the online destination for African American celebrity news, gossip, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. It was created by a former publicist with access to the hottest celebrities, which helped to make it a success. 

Bossip is also home to the Bossip Beauty Awards, which recognizes the best-dressed celebrities of the year. Bossip was voted best blog by Black Enterprise Magazine and was listed on the Huffington Post Black Voices Top 100.


So sit back and relax, because you can learn all about your favorite celebrities with BOSSIP!

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