Choosing the Perfect Frame for Artwork

frame for artwork

Are you looking for a beautiful piece of artwork to hang on your walls? 

Choosing the right frame for an artwork collection is just one crucial decision you must make. The right frame can elevate your art and give it the special touch it needs.

Thus, the wrong frame for artwork can damage it entirely. But deciding on the right frame can be a bit of a challenge.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about choosing the perfect frame for your artwork.

Different Types Of Frame

First, consider the type of frame to find the perfect frame for the artwork. There are many different types of frames, from simple metal frames to ornate wood frames.

Metal frames are generally less expensive than wood frames, but they can be more challenging Hang artwork in metal frames can also be more difficult to change. Wood frames are more costly than metal frames, but they can be easier to Hang and change out.

Consider the Provenance of the Piece

If the piece has historical value, you will want to select a frame that is in keeping with the era in which it was created.

For example, a Victorian painting would look best in a frame with intricate carving and plenty of embellishment. A more modern piece might be better in a sleek, simple frame.

The frame should also be appropriate for the medium of the artwork. A watercolor painting, for example, would be lost in an overly ornate frame, while an oil painting could handle a more heavy-duty frame.

Get the Right Proportions

Artwork that is too small for a frame will look lost, while artwork that is too large for a frame will look cramped. The artwork should fit inside the frame with about an inch or two of space around the artwork.

The frame should fit on the wall with about an inch or two of space around the frame. Choose a frame that is proportionate to the artwork.

Customizing the Frame

The frame should either match the artwork in color and style or provide a contrast that enhances the artwork. The frame should be made of quality materials that will protect and preserve the artwork for years to come.

The frame should complement the artwork, not compete with it. The goal is to accentuate the artwork, not distract from it, and also complement the room’s décor. 

The website with custom art framing can help you find the perfect frame for your artwork. Make sure to create a custom combination that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional but, most importantly, will suit your needs and taste.

The Perfect Frame for Artwork Collection

Art is a very personal expression, and the perfect frame for artwork is the one that makes you happy. There are endless options for artwork frames, so take your time and find the style that best suits your artwork and your taste.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, and don’t forget to consider the frame as part of the overall composition. When you find the perfect frame, your artwork will thank you!

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