The Different Types of Watch Parts and Their Functions

watch parts

Are you familiar with the parts on the watch? If not, you need to know what they do in case one breaks down.

When you go to the watch repairman, you need to be able to identify the broken part if he’s going to replace it. You may even choose to perform the repair yourself.

Here, we’ll show you the watch parts and what they do. This way, you can impress your friends with your watch repair knowledge. Keep reading!

The Watch Crown

A watch crown is a small, knob-like protuberance on the side of a watch face that is used to set the time. The crown is typically found in the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position. There are three different types of crowns: screw-down, push-pull, and screw-in.

Each type of crown has a different function. Screw-down crowns are used to seal the watch against water and debris. Push-pull crowns are used to set the date and time. Screw-in crowns are used to inflate the watch with air or water.

No matter what type of crown you have, it is important to take care of it. Be sure to keep it clean and free of debris.

The Watch Case

There are many different types of watch cases, from the ubiquitous stainless steel to the more exotic materials like titanium or gold. While the material of the case is important, it is the parts inside the case that make a watch tick.

The Watch Dial

Watch dials have many different parts that all work together to tell time. The watch dial is the part of the watch that has the numbers or marks that represent the time.

The different types of watch parts and their functions with the watch dial are: watch case, watch crystal, watch hands, and watch movement.

The Watch Hands

There are different types of watch parts, and each has its distinct function. The most common type of watch hands is the Hours, Minutes, and Seconds hands.

The hour hand is the longest hand and points to the hour of the day. The minute hand is the second longest hand and points to the minute of the hour. The second hand is the shortest hand and points to the second of the minute.

There are also other types of watch hands, such as the Day hand and the Date hand. The Day hand points to the day of the week, while the Date hand points to the date of the month.

The Watch Movement

The watch movements are the engine of the watch that powers all of its functions. The different types of watch parts that make up the movement include the mainspring, balance wheel, and escapement.

The mainspring is the power source that winds the watch stores. The balance wheel is what regulates the timekeeping of the watch by oscillating back and forth. The escapement is what releases the power from the mainspring to the balance wheel in a controlled manner.

Learning About Watch Parts and Their Functions

There are many different types of watch parts, each with its unique function. The most common type of watch part is the watch movement, which is responsible for keeping time.

Other types of watch parts include the watch case, dial, hands, and straps. These parts all work together to create a functional watch. If you are interested in learning more about watch parts and their functions, consider taking a watch repair class.

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