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With six NBA Championship wins, five league MVP awards, and countless more accolades, Michael Jordan is often labeled as the GOAT. As iconic as the star is, his Air Jordan 5 line remains one of the most reputable and notable sneakers to ever hit the market. But if you’re buying sneakers, what makes the AJ 5 a worthwhile purchase?

If you’re interested in buying shoes, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about the Air Jordan 5 and what sets it apart from other types of shoes.

Story Behind the Shoes

To start, let’s look at the history behind this landmark sneaker.

Coming along in the 90s when Jordan’s shoe brand had already made waves in the scene. The original Air Jordan 1 was still going strong, with the recent Air Jordan 4 dominating the market. When it came time to top his record, MJ released what is still considered one of the most legendary sneakers ever made.

The primary designer was Tinker Hatfield, who had also designed the 3 and 4. AJ 5 became the first Jumpman sneaker to receive a clear rubber sole as a feature. Few know that this feature was inspired by Marty McFly’s sneakers in the second Back to the Future – another of Hatfield’s icons.

Material and Make

With a better understanding of its history, we can look at the landmark design choices the shoe has set in stone. For example, Jordans are famous for their flame-like midsole design. The design, a staple of Nike Airs, is known to have been inspired by Mustang fighter jets in World War II.

Past the jet influence, the sneaker came with a reflective, oversized tongue and mesh netting. Many are also fans of the rugged look the toggle switch lacing system offers.

Originally made from leather, Nike began to experiment with different materials. While some pairs are still made of leather, such as the Shattered Backboard, most will look for other materials.

For example, Take Flight and Wolf Grey utilize a soft and gentle suede. Satin Bred, predictably, enjoys a supple and stylish satin. Others come with safari print, ripstop, and more varied materials.

In short, the precise materials your Air Jordan 5 sneakers are made with vary. Research the brand before you purchase to make sure you aren’t getting a material you don’t prefer. If you’re on the hunt, take a look at this collection to see what tennis shoes fit your desires.


As the decades have passed, we’ve seen plenty of iconic colorways for the AJ 5. Arguably the most iconic is the Off-White x Air Jordan 5 colorway, “Sail.” Many consider this to be the ideal version of the Air Jordan 5.

“Sail” was made in collaboration with the late Virgil Abloh. Celebrating the 30th birthday of the silhouette, Abloh’s signature is visible in a deconstructed form through the shoe.

Another notable collaboration is the Supreme x Air Jordan 5’s three versions. The “Black”, “White,” and “Desert Camo” colorways are fan favorites. Additionally, the low-top CLOT and Doernbecher are ever-popular choices.

Air Jordan 5 Fit

Do you intend to wear the sneakers? While many people get into buying shoes for a display piece, many prefer to wear their tennis shoes. How well do the Air Jordan 5s fit?

Air Jordan 5s usually fit true to their size. If you have wider feet, it’s better to go half a size up where possible. 

If you can find tennis shoes at a store near you, it’s always best to try them on first. That way, you don’t have the bitter disappointment of excitedly trying on your new shoes to find them too tight.

Range of Costs

With so many colorways and different models, the silhouette is rarely the same price. Thankfully, the price doesn’t tend to jump up too high.

At release, the Air Jordan 5 sneaker retailed for $125. Since then, there have been multiple increases. The average for a new pair is roughly $225.

If you’re buying your shoes second-hand, many people will try to raise the price. It’s not uncommon to find some AJ 5s for as high as $400 or more. There are some models that will retail for that price as well, such as the “Triple Black” design.

Where to Find

Now that we know so much about the sneakers, where can you buy them? If you’re buying sneakers, having a good source is paramount. Here are the two best ways to find different types of sneakers while searching.

Drop Days

The best time to buy AJ 5s is on drop days. If you’re aware of an upcoming colorway or design that you want, you should note the drop date. That way, you can jump on them before resellers purchase them all.

There are several apps and websites where you can find them. Nike has several sources that will sell them, such as their app. Many people that are into buying shoes also use the SNKRS app.

On launch day, you’re more likely to find Jordan Brand shoes in reputable retailers. Many chain stores and boutiques will also sell them. However, some special collaborations are difficult to come by.

Off Market

If you aren’t able to find the sneaker you’re looking for, consider off-market options. These include third-party resellers, thrift stores, and similar markets.

These stores often have a few pairs of rare sneakers that you can find. Third-party sites like eBay and Amazon are likely to have a few people trying to make money off of their collection. You can sometimes find excellent prices on such shoes, as well as terrible deals, so research beforehand.

Buying Sneakers

Buying a pair of Air Jordan 5 sneakers is the pinnacle for many sneaker enthusiasts. If you’re buying sneakers, do your best to research a fair price and a reputable seller. Keep an eye out for other types of shoes that you may want to add to your collection.

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