How Do You Spell Restaurant?

How Do You Spell Restaurant

With so many variations, it’s no wonder people often wonder, “How do you spell restaurant?” In today’s world, where information is readily available, it’s crucial to use the correct spelling for words, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the proper spelling of “restaurant” and its variations.
Have you ever struggled with how to spell “restaurant”? You’re not alone! Many people find it challenging to spell certain words, especially those borrowed from other languages. In this article, we will focus on the correct spelling and pronunciation of “restaurant” and its related forms. We will also explore some common misspellings and provide you with helpful tips to remember the right spelling. Let’s dive in!

How Do You Spell Restaurant: The Correct Spelling

The correct spelling of the word is “restaurant.” This word is derived from French, and it means a place where people pay to sit and eat meals prepared and served on the premises. Remember, the correct spelling is “restaurant” and not “resturant,” “restraunt,” or “resteraunt.”

How to Spell Restaurant: Variations and Plurals

When it comes to pluralizing “restaurant,” simply add an “s” at the end to form “restaurants.” The spelling remains the same, and only the last letter changes.

Spell Restaurant: Pronunciation Tips

To pronounce “restaurant” correctly, break it down into syllables: res-tau-rant. The stress is on the first syllable, with a short “e” sound, followed by a soft “s.” The second syllable has a slightly reduced “au” sound, similar to “ow” in “cow.” The final syllable has a short “a” sound, followed by a soft “nt.”

Restaurant Spelling: Common Misspellings

Here are some common misspellings of “restaurant” that you might encounter:

Resturant spelling: This is a frequent mistake where people replace the “au” with a “u.”

Spelling restaurant as “restraunt”: In this case, people swap the “au” and “r” positions.

Resturantor: This misspelling adds unnecessary letters, making the word more complicated than it should be.

How do you spell restraunt, resturant, restaraunt, or resturants? These are all incorrect variations of the word “restaurant.”

How to Remember the Correct Spelling of Restaurant

To help you remember the correct spelling of “restaurant,” try these handy mnemonic devices:

Think of the word “rest” and the sound “au” (like “ow” in “cow”) to form “rest-au.”

Imagine a person resting on a mountain peak: “Rest at the peak, you’re at a restaurant.”

Create a mental image of a “resting ant” eating at a restaurant.


Spelling “restaurant” can be tricky, but with these tips and mnemonic devices, you can easily remember the correct spelling and pronunciation. Always keep in mind that the correct spelling is “restaurant” and not “resturant,” “restraunt,” or “resteraunt.” By practicing and being mindful of the correct spelling, you’ll soon find it easier to spell this commonly misspelled word.

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