How to Pick Wedding Colors


Weddings are an exciting chance to unite people to celebrate your new union with your partner. Nearly two million weddings occur annually in the United States, and if you want yours to stand out from the rest, you’ll need to pick the best wedding colors. Your big day should be bright, bold, and memorable; your wedding planning should reflect that.

Part of planning your wedding is picking the best dress color for your bridesmaids. Working within a color palette is an excellent way to start, but you should use several other tips when coming up with wedding ideas.

Luckily, you’re in the right place to learn more helpful tips to help you pick the perfect options for flowers and dress colors. Continue reading to create a wedding day you’ll never forget!

Think of the Season

The season in which you’ll get married plays a massive role in your wedding colors. You want to avoid picking luxurious fall colors for a spring wedding. Pastel colors are a perfect match for spring weddings, while bold and bright colors are perfect if your wedding is during the summer.

That said, don’t let the season dictate your wedding if there’s a color you want to be involved in your wedding. Find a way to incorporate that color. It’s your big day, and you should call the shots! Choosing dusty sage bridesmaid dresses is always a wise choice.

Use the Venue

The wedding venue is another resource for determining the perfect wedding colors for your big day. If you’re getting married in a stunning garden, look at the plants and flowers there to get creative with your wedding planning. You can find several dresses that will stun your guests and produce an unforgettable wedding day.

Use a Color Pallete

One of the most enjoyable ways to choose your wedding colors is to use a color palette with five to seven colors you love. You don’t need a design degree to enjoy this method for choosing the dress color. Opposites attract, so consider blending warm and cool tones to create a dramatic effect for your wedding party.

Incorporate the Groom

Get the groom involved with the wedding planning to find the best wedding colors for both parties. Some grooms want nothing to do with wedding planning, but it’s their big day too.

They should be involved and have input on the colors for tuxedos and dresses. It’s best to work together to determine your desired color scheme for your wedding day. It’s one of the first tests for your marriage to determine if you’re right for each other.

Pick Your Wedding Colors Today

Planning a wedding can get stressful, but one of the most enjoyable aspects is picking your wedding colors and creating a color palette. Consider the season you’re getting married during to choose the best fall colors, and put together a palette of five other colors that complement your primary one. Draw inspiration from the venue, and get the other party involved with wedding planning.

Getting married is a big decision; having the best advice makes difficult decisions much more manageable. Check out the rest of our Lifestyle and Health blog content to find the best tips and tricks to live a happy life today!

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