How to say purple in Spanish

purple in spanish

Purple is a color that can be said in many ways in Spanish. You’ve probably heard the words “Morado” and “púrpura,” but what do they mean? Here’s a quick guide to the Spanish names for these two shades of purple:


Morado is a Spanish word that refers to the color purple.

The noun Morado can be used as an adjective and adverb, which means “purple.” For example:

  • El Vestido es Morado, which means “the dress is purple.”
  • En mi casa hay una habitación de la que se puede ver el jardín y el mar por las ventanas del dormitorio (in my house there are rooms from which you can see both gardens and water).


purple in Spanish

púrpura is the Spanish word for purple. It can also be used as a noun, meaning “purple,” or as an adjective, meaning the color “purple.”

In Spanish, púrpura is feminine and singular—not gender-neutral like in English. In other words: Púrpura es la palabra que se usa para describir un color oscuro o negro y también como algunos tipos de ropas (como por ejemplo el vestido de noche).


Lila is the most common way to say purple in Spanish. It refers to a color that’s between red and violet, and it can mean one of two things:

  • The color of lilac flowers or ink (i.e., “the flowery shade”). This meaning is used mainly in Spain and Latin America, but it’s also used in some parts of Central America like Guatemala.
  • The color of a crayon or pen (i.e., “the bright shade”). This meaning is mostly used north of Mexico City—for example, people might say that they’re wearing Lila shoes as opposed to shoes with dark-colored uppers instead!

Purple can be said in many ways in Spanish.

There are many ways to say purple in Spanish. The word Morado, púrpura, and Lila all mean “purple,” but they have different meanings and uses.

  • Morado can be used to describe something that is purple in color, such as a flower or fruit. It can also be used as an adjective (ejemplos: morado de espinas = thorny), or even as a noun (ejemplos: el plumón).
  • Púrpura has the same meaning as Morado but has more connotations of nobility and grandeur than just being a pretty shade of purple! You might see this word used on clothing like dresses or suits. You might also hear someone say “me he puesto una Camisa de púrpura” which means “I’ve put on my red shirt.” In addition to meaning ‘red’, this phrase could mean something like ‘my life is perfect or even just ‘I’m happy today.’


purple in Spanish

In this post, we have tried to explain the different ways in which you can say “purple” in Spanish. Hopefully, you will now be able to use this word with confidence!

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