Mental Health Awareness Activities for the Workplace


Your employees are the fuel to the engine of your business. With a happy, healthy, and mentally stable team of employees, your business will thrive in productivity and profits. But unfortunately, existing employees experience mental health issues due to the coronavirus pandemic.

New employees need nurturing and support. It will help them to adapt to the new reality that the lockdowns have created. Next, you must develop a solution to help mentally ill employees improve.

The best way to do this is to engage in mental health awareness activities for the workplace. If you can make your employees mentally healthier, you will reduce burnout and increase productivity.

Here are some activities that you can do to raise mental health awareness in the workplace and make your employees healthier.

Institute a No-Contact Time After Work 

To celebrate mental health awareness, institute a no-contact time after work. It can help create an environment conducive to employees managing their mental health. 

It might start as an allotted hour within the day. Or even if it’s just once per week or month, where any work-related correspondence must be paused.

Supervisors should ensure that their employees use this time to engage in activities ideal for their well-being. Whether in self-care activities, spending time with family and friends, or taking a relaxing walk. This no-contact time allows employees to restore, revitalize, and relax.

Send Out Mindfulness Care Packages

Sending out mindfulness care packages is excellent for employee wellness. These packages can include tea, journals, and calming music. Also, some stress balls, scented candles, and other items promote relaxation.

They can also contain information and advice on how to cope with and manage stress. These will give staff members access to a useful toolkit of mental health resources.

Send it to individuals, teams, or departments to increase awareness and support. It can also prompt discussion and create an open space for employees to address their mental health needs without fear of judgment.

Draft an Open Communication Protocol

Drafting an open communication protocol to raise mental health awareness is vital. It must ensure that anyone who needs to talk about struggles can do so. Even those with mental health difficulties can do so in a safe and judgment-free environment. 

It must also stress how crucial it is to have a work environment free of discrimination or harassment based on mental illness. Employers should also ensure their staff is provided with plenty of support. 

Finally, encourage physical and mental health activities during company time. It can be yoga classes or group discussions, one way to promote mental health awareness. 

Identify Mental Health Resources

Target the activities to help employees know the resources available for support. For example, create an information session for staff. It will help explain the signs and symptoms of mental health issues to them.

They can also choose from therapists and hotlines. Some employee help programs and other resources can also deal with employee issues. Create workplace meetings by qualified personnel such as psychologists and counselors.

They can provide detailed information on the various resources. They can also answer individual questions. For treatment programs available, you can check

Make promotional items such as brochures, posters, infographics, and leaflets. Set up groups where they can share their situation. It will make room for discussion and resolution of issues. 

Leverage Mental Health Screening

Employers can promote employee wellness by using mental health screening efforts. For example, it could include voluntary online mental health and wellness surveys. As a result, employees can better understand employee mental health.

Employers can suggest and organize programs to raise mental health awareness using surveys. It will also help reduce stigma in the workplace.

It could also include promoting wellness activities like daily mindfulness and physical activity. You can even host regular mental health lunch and learn sessions.

It enables companies to raise the subject of mental health at work in an intentional way. It will also set the tone for creating a mentally healthy and safe work environment.

Create an Employee Recognition Program

One helpful way is to create an employee recognition program. Honor the contributions and achievements of staff. It works wonders to boost motivation, lower stress, and promote morale.

Tailor recognition programs for the workplace. For example, it could range from giving gift certificates to holding team-building activities.

Create a culture of trust and open communication. It can involve holding regular meetings and giving feedback.

Recognize staff efforts to make a strong support system. It will stir honest discussion about mental health. These actions can also help develop a mental health-aware corporate culture.

Disconnect from Social Media

Promoting activities related to disconnecting from social media can benefit the workplace. Employees can become more mindful of how social media impacts mental health.

Employers can encourage activities like an unplugged day. It is where employees can step away from their devices and engage with their colleagues. It includes team-building exercises or walking away from the desk to enjoy nature.

Employers can also set up a designated breakaway space. It can be like a yoga room, where employees can meditate, reflect, and re-center.

They can also start regular “no devices” meetings. They can discuss challenges related to their relationship with their devices. 

Try These Mental Health Awareness Activities in Your Workplace 

Mental health awareness activities are essential in your workplace. It will set the groundwork for a safe and inclusive work environment.

These activities can help increase understanding of mental health issues. It can also cultivate an open dialogue, identify areas for improvement, and aid in creating a supportive work environment.

Finally, it can lead to increased productivity from your team and a better work environment for all. So get started on your mental health initiative today!

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