|Philippine Showbiz Entertainment Portal is the Philippine Showbiz Entertainment Portal, which is the largest and most popular entertainment website in the Philippines. is a joint venture of Summit Media, Inc. and Technology Inc. The site has been in the industry for 17 years now. serves over 3 million unique visitors every month, making it the largest and most popular entertainment website in the Philippines. also has an app for iPhone and Android users.

We are the leading entertainment website in the Philippines. We provide news, reviews, and more about celebrities, TV shows, and movies.

Showbiz News

  • Celebrities
  • TV Shows and Movies
  • Fashion and Music


In this section, you’ll find articles about celebrities and their lives. Here are some:

  • A list of celebrity photos
  • A list of celebrity videos (with links)
  • An interview with a Filipino actor or actress about his/her career and life as an entertainer in the Philippines, including what he/she does for fun when he/she’s not working. Also includes links to other interviews with him or her by other magazines and newspapers around the world!

Also see our blog posts on various topics related to Philippine showbiz:

  • Celebrity gossip (this section)


TV shows and TV channels

If you love to watch TV, then here are the major channels: ABS-CBN, GMA 7, RPN 9 and IBC 13. If you want to watch a certain show from one channel, just click on its logo in your browser. Here’s a list of all the tv series that are currently airing or will be aired soon:

  • Maalaala Mo Kaya (ABS-CBN)
  • The Good Wife (TV5)


Movies in the Philippines

  • Movie reviews, movie trailers, and more!
  • Movie listings from local movie theaters to international festival screenings.
  • News about local and international movies.


Every celebrity has a photo album. They have all the photos they want, so they can choose the ones that they want to be in their albums and share them with fans. The same is true for movies, shows, and concerts. The only difference is that these are usually shared publicly via social media or other platforms where photos can be found easily by anyone interested in seeing them.

This section will show you some of my favorite photos from various sources I’ve collected over time (including my own personal collection). Enjoy!


In the Philippines, people love to be on trend. They follow their favorite celebrities and designers to see what they’re wearing, how they style their hair, and what kind of shoes they’re wearing.

The fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the Philippines today. The major brands are making sure that their products are available at affordable prices so that everyone can afford them!



Here’s a list of music sites, blogs, and social media accounts you can use to stay up-to-date on your favorite Filipino bands and artists.

  • [The Official PEPdotPH Music Blog]( – This site has been around since 2013, but it’s still one of the best places to get info about the local music scene. It features interviews with newbies as well as established artists who are about to release their albums or singles here in PH! They also have live concerts where you can watch them perform live on stage in person!
  • [PEPdotPH Music Radio Station](http://www.songspkradio) – This station plays classic hits from oldies until today (mostly 80s/90s). There are no ads here so anyone can listen without interruption even if they’re listening via a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet etc… is a Philippine showbiz entertainment portal that covers the latest in showbiz, celebrities, music, movies, and more.

The site was launched in April 2009 by journalist and film critic Alvin Elchico Jr., who has been writing for several online publications since 1996 including The Manila Bulletin (a weekly newspaper), Cinema Online magazine, and Movie Express.


We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. If you want to learn more about the showbiz world in the Philippines, read our other articles! We have many other articles that can help you get started.

 Who are the people behind

The is considered one of the most influential entertainment media in the Philippines. It has outlets in both print and online mediums. When it comes to entertainment news, the is considered the most cited news in the Philippines. The was established in the year 2000. It was started with a vision to become the most trusted source of entertainment news in the Philippines.

is pep available in the Philippines?

It’s not surprising that a lot of Filipinos are looking for in the Philippines. This website is the Philippines’ Entertainment Portal, bringing you a whole lot of entertainment news, gossip, and events. This is a website that will help you when you want to find out what’s going on in the entertainment industry. owner

The owner of is Philippine Entertainment Portal, Inc. (PEPI), a subsidiary of Summit Media, the country’s leading independent media network. Founded in 1997, Summit Media is a privately owned and managed company with a presence in the print, broadcast, and digital media businesses. Summit Media is the publisher of the following daily, national newspapers: 

The Philippine Star, the Philippines’ leading English newspaper; Malaya, the country’s leading newspaper in the national language, Filipino; BusinessWorld, the Philippines’ leading business daily; and Daily Tribune, the country’s leading newspaper in local languages. 

Summit Media is also the owner of the following broadcast television and radio stations: ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ leading broadcaster; ABS-CBN News Channel, the country’s leading all-news TV channel; ABS-CBN Sports+Action, the country’s leading sports TV channel; and Magic 89.9, the country’s leading FM station.


We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. If you want to learn more about the showbiz world in the Philippines, read our other articles! We have many other articles that can help you get starte

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