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ufreegames com is one of the best places to find free online games. We have thousands of fun and exciting games for you to play right now, so come on in and check them all out!


ufreegames is a web-based video game portal that offers free online games. The site has been around since 2008 and they have a large collection of popular games such as Candy Crush Saga, Clash Royale, and more.

If you’re looking for a place to play some of your favorite titles without having to pay anything upfront, then this is the place!

List of the Best Free Games on ufreegames com

List of the Best Free Games on ufreegames com

  • [The Hungry Hippo]
  • [Penguin Land]
  • [Monkey Island 2: Special Edition]
  • [Shooty Skies]

Duck Life Race

A racing game that takes place on the water is called Duck Life Race. As many ducks as you can be collected while avoiding obstacles and other players. You can use your mouse to steer your boat, which will allow for more precise movement during gameplay.

To start playing Duck Life Race, click on “Play Now” in the upper left corner of this page. In order for you to enjoy this game fully and compete with other players around the world, we recommend downloading one of our recommended browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead of using Internet Explorer (IE). Once downloaded onto your computer’s hard drive, simply follow these steps:

  • Click here if you want to install Duck Life Race onto your computer; otherwise, just keep reading! 2) In Step 3 below I’ll tell you how easy it was for me when installing my own copy 🙂 3) After downloading all files needed from their website 4), open up either IE 6 or 7 5), go into Control Panel 6), then click Start 7). Find out what type

Frosty Dash

Frosty Dash is a fun and addictive game that will keep you hooked for hours. To gather as many snowflakes as you can before the timer expires is the goal of the game.

The controls are simple: tap on your screen when you want to jump, or use your finger to draw a line between two points (for example, if there’s an obstacle in between). You can also use arrows on either side of the screen to move left or right respectively.

Super Buddy Kick 2

Super Buddy Kick 2 is a fun and addictive game. It’s easy to play, but challenging enough that you’ll want to come back for more!

Super Buddy Kick 2 has a lot of levels to play. You don’t have to be an expert at this game; it’s perfect for all ages!

The graphics are cool, and there are even bonus rounds where you can earn extra coins if you’re lucky enough (or skilled enough).

Hobo Prison Brawl

Hobo Prison Brawl is a 2D fighting game that’s easy to pick up and play. The controls are simple, so you can jump right in without any previous experience.

This free online game is fast-paced and full of action! You have to fight your way through hordes of enemies as you try to escape the prison on this wild ride through time.

Soccer Mover 2015

Soccer Mover 2015 is a fun game to play. You have to try to move the soccer ball through the maze and avoid all the obstacles that are in your way. You also have to collect all of the coins that are in each level, so keep going!

You can get a high score if you are good at it, but don’t forget about collecting coins as well!

Robots vs Zombies 2

Robot vs Zombie 2 is a fun game where you can play as a robot fighting zombies. Control the robots with your mouse and avoid being hit by the zombies. Score points for killing zombies, use your mouse to control them, avoid being hit by the zombies, and have fun!

Extreme Drift 2

Extreme Drift 2 is a car drifting simulator. You can drive your car on a variety of tracks and collect coins to upgrade your vehicle. Drive around corners, make sharp turns, and drift as far as possible to win the race!

You can play in first-person or third-person modes with different camera angles that will change how you view the track depending on which mode you choose.

Dogfight SIM

Dogfight SIM is a free online game from ufreegames com. Play the game for free and enjoy your time!

Play now!

Tycoon City Build City Business Simulation Game Online For Free!

Tycoon City Build City Business Simulation Game Online For Free!

Play Tycoon City Build City Business Simulation Game Online For Free!

UFreeGames Alternatives 

Here is a list of alternatives UFreeGames

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  • Free Online Games

Thousands of great free online games to play now. Only at! Play Now! is a great place to play free games online. There are thousands of great free online games to choose from, and you can play them on your computer or on your phone!

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Play free games online.

If you are looking for free games online, then you have come to the right place. Here at ufreegames com we have collected some of the best free games that can be downloaded and played on your computer or mobile phone. All these games are completely free and they are available in many different genres like action, adventure, RPG, simulation and sports, etc. You can play any of these great titles without paying a single penny!

Find the newest and funniest games to play online here.

ufreegames com is a great place to play free games online. ufreegames com has a large collection of free games, as well as a variety of different categories and genres for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for some fun, we have plenty of options available here at ufreegames com! Our website is updated daily with new content and game additions so that there’s always something new for everyone on our site whether they want something simple or incredibly challenging (or both).


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best free games on ufreegames com. We have many more, so be sure to check out all of our other posts as well!

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