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Raz plus

Raz plus is a web-based literacy program used by more than 6 million students and teachers in more than 100 countries. The program is at the forefront of literacy learning and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and recognitions. 

The Raz team is headquartered in San Jose, California. Raz was founded in 2000 by its current CEO, Leora Belcastro, and CTO, Peter De Lorenzo. Raz is the recipient of the 2007 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) award for Best New Technology and has been named a “Top Ten Innovative Technology” by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

What is Literacy?

Literacy is not just about reading and writing. It’s about understanding and evaluating information that you see and hear. It’s about doing research and solving problems. It’s about having the skills to use technology, to express your ideas and to understand the ideas of others. It’s about being a lifelong learner who can read and write for work, for family and for fun.

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Raz-Plus is a literacy program that was developed by Raz-Plus LLC, a US-based company that offers teaching and learning materials, including workbooks, books, flash cards, games, and other educational tools. The program was developed by a US-based education research team that is composed of teachers, literacy trainers, and educational specialists. 

The program is designed to help educators teach and students learn to read. The program is designed to help educators teach and students learn to read. It offers comprehensive teaching and learning materials to help students read, including books, flash cards, games, and other educational tools.

Raz plus vs reading a-z

One of the issues with many literacy programs is that they have a tendency to miss the mark on one or two of the three key components of early literacy: phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary. While some programs are excellent at teaching all three, others are great at teaching only two, and still others are focused only on one.   Raz-Plus, however, is a literacy program designed to teach all three of these crucial elements of early literacy.

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8. Comprehension Skills
9. Close Reading
10. Project-Based Learning
11. Standards and Correlations
12. All About Leveling
13. Professional Development
14. Instructional Tools
15. What’s Popular
16. Sign up to receive our eNews, updates, and offers.
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