Surviving County Jail: 3 Tips for Inmates


Jail time can be a difficult experience for the recently convicted. No matter their crime, every inmate deserves help to survive and adjust to this challenging environment.

We’d like to share 3 tips to help make county jail easier to endure. From hardening yourself to the conditions, picking your battles, and recruiting allies in the facility, these will be the keys to making the time inside fly by!

1. Making Friends to Establish a Support Network

Surviving county jail requires inmates to establish a support network for rehabilitation.

Tip one is to be kind. To make friends, inmates must be willing to offer empathy and support to those in the same circumstances. Kindness and understanding of others’ situations build a positive rapport among inmates.

Tip two is to stay active in the jail community. Participating in jail programs, such as educational and religious meetings, creates strong relationships with other inmates. They also provide physical activities that can help pass the time.

Lastly, inmates should converse during meal times, yard time when available, and in the cells with their cellmates.

Showing a genuine interest in conversations and responding respectfully encourages inmates to befriend one another. Before going into prison, you can also do an inmate search to familiarize yourself already with some people.

2. Altering Your Schedule to Maximize Comfort

First, understanding the day’s overall jail routine and flow is important. One should be familiar with the following:

  • when meals are served
  • when cell doors are open and closed
  • when visitors are allowed
  • when recreation time is scheduled

This gives inmates the information they need to make better decisions about their schedules.

Second, inmates should plan for meals. Meal times can be crowded, so skipping breakfast could benefit those looking to avoid the rush. If given the opportunity, bringing snacks in from the outside is recommended.

Finally, arranging a time with visitors and spiritual or self-improvement activities strategically is essential. By making friends with the correctional officers, inmates can sometimes gain access to special activities or communal areas during quieter times of the day.

3. Practicing Healthy Habits to Improve Mental Health

Surviving county jail can be a challenging experience, but proper planning and preparation can help inmates stay mentally and physically healthy during their stay.

First, stay busy by reading books, writing letters, and participating in educational programs. Downtime in county jail can be dangerous because it allows inmates to focus on stress factors that can lower their mental health. To help stay positive, engage in positive leisure activities.

Second, stay in contact with family and friends on the outside. Keeping up with family and friends can provide much-needed support. Writing letters, talking on the phone, and visiting will help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Lastly, exercise as often as possible. Exercise will help reduce stress and increase physical health. Fitness classes and activities are available in most county jails, so inmates should take advantage of them. Exercise can also help inmates cope with the physical and mental strain of spending time in jail.

You Can Survive County Jail With These Helpful Tips

Surviving a county jail sentence comes with its challenges; however, following these three simple tips can help inmates stay safe, get through their term and receive proper care.

Remember, a positive attitude and behaving responsibly are the keys to staying safe in county jail. Get through it with your head held high!

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