What Does Rehab Look Like? An Example of a Daily Routine

what does rehab look like

Whether you suffer from an addiction, or you love someone who does, you probably know enough about drug rehab to know that it’s not a pleasant experience.

All the sneering tabloid articles about people in rehab not even being allowed to have the “luxury” of toilet paper are nothing but sensationalist rants.

The purpose of rehab is to help people recover a normal life and mental stability and to help them stay clean and dry. So, what does rehab look like in a day? Let’s take a look.

Healthy Eating and Preparing for the Day

Rehabilitation is vital for those suffering from addiction. Without proper care and treatment, addiction can lead to serious consequences, including death. Part of rehabilitation is developing a healthy routine, which should include healthy eating and preparing for the day.

A healthy diet is essential for good health and well-being. It can help prevent diseases and health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein can help promote a healthy weight, lower cholesterol, and improve your overall health.

Preparing for the day includes getting enough rest, spending time outdoors, and being active. Staying active helps keep your mind and body healthy. It also reduces stress, which can trigger or worsen addiction.

Understanding the Types of Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of counseling where people with similar issues gather together with a therapist to work through their problems. It can be an extremely effective form of treatment, and there are many different types of group therapy to choose from. Here is an example of a daily routine in group therapy sessions in rehab,

The group meets for an hour each day. The first 20 minutes are spent discussing any wins or losses from the previous day. The next 20 minutes are spent discussing the topic of the day, which is chosen by the therapist. The last 20 minutes are spent on homework, which is assigned by the therapist and is typically related to the topic of the day.

Dinner and Bedtime

Rehab can be a very strict and regimented place, especially when it comes to mealtimes and bedtimes. Dinner is typically served at 6 pm sharp, and bedtime is usually 10 pm. There is often a curfew in place, so lights are out and everyone is in bed by 10.30 pm.

This can be quite strict, but it is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people recover from their addiction. There will usually be a set routine to follow each day, which will include time for therapy, group meetings, and other activities.

There is a lot more you can expect from rehab. So if you want to see a full overview, refer to this page.

Knowing What Does Rehab Look Like on a Regular Day

If you’re considering whether or not to go to rehab, it’s helpful to know what a day in treatment might look like. Most rehabilitation programs structure their days around group and individual therapy, with some time set aside for other activities like recreation, life skills training, and medical appointments.

While every program is different, this gives you a general idea of what you can expect. Knowing what does rehab look like can help you have an overview of how the process goes. If you’re ready to start your journey to recovery, reach out to a treatment center today.

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