What Is Included in a Disney Vacation Club Membership?


Did you know that Disney’s parks see more than 43 million visitors a year? One of the best ways to make the most of your trip is the Disney vacation club membership. But what are the perks of this membership, and how can you join the Disney vacation club?

If you’re curious about DVC membership, we’re happy to help. Read on to learn more about the club’s perks.

Perks of a Disney Vacation Club Membership

First, what is a Disney vacation club membership?

The DVC allows you to purchase Vacation Points. These points are redeemable at eligible Disney resorts and properties. The points are exclusively for this system.

Disney travelers that intend to stay at Disney properties can save money. Purchasing a stay with Vacation Points is cheaper than the dollar value.

Member Experiences

With your points, you can also find member experiences. Eligible members are able to engage with special events and exclusive invitations.

These include holiday celebrations, such as around the end of the year. There are also culinary experiences that individual parks will offer.

Moonlight Magic hours are a popular perk. These hours are complimentary after-hours celebrations at the parks. The lines are shorter and the crowds are thinner due to a smaller population of guests.

Engaging With Disney Vacation Club Resale

Another popular perk is Disney Vacation Club resale. Your points can transfer to other accounts. Because of this, it’s common for Vacation Club members to sell or trade points to each other.

If you have points you don’t intend to use, you can easily sell them. These points are often worth more than their value due to their demand.

Members are able to use DVC financing and other methods to handle their points financially. Make sure you plan how you’ll spend every point so you know the best way to handle any surplus!

Member Discounts

Many guests are able to find discounts using their DVC points. These discounts are most common in Disney resorts or Disney properties. However, many parks also include promotions and parks.

These discounts change and are often added or removed from the list. The discounts can give you cheaper prices on tickets and dining to keep your park budget in the black. Many shopping outlets will also give you discounts for your membership.

Making the Most of Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

Signing up for a Disney Vacation Club membership is a great way to make the most of your annual Disney trip. Engaging in Disney Vacation Club resale can help you make the most of points you weren’t able to use. You can also enjoy exclusive events, personal park hours, discounts on your favorite products, and more.

For more information about the Disney Vacation Club, be sure to browse our extensive site. You can also contact us to learn more about how to join the DVC and begin earning Vacation Points.

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