What Is the Average Cost of a Dental Cleaning in 2023?

Average Cost of a Dental Cleaning

Generally speaking, a person should have their teeth professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Failure to clean one’s teeth at this frequency could result in several issues. These include but aren’t limited to irreparable staining and a heightened risk of tooth decay. 

Of course, getting your teeth cleaned professionally costs money. What you might be wondering, though, is how much money it costs. What’s the average cost of a dental cleaning in 2023? 

We’re going to get into that question below. We’ll cover everything from dental cleaning cost to when to get your teeth cleaning and more. Let’s go!

Dental Cleaning Costs You Should Know

There are many costs that could go into a dental cleaning. Some of the costs that you might come across include: 

The Dental Cleaning Itself

As far as the dental cleaning itself goes, you’re likely going to pay around $100 without dental insurance. That said, if more intensive cleaning methods are required, you could be looking at $150 and maybe even $200. Be sure to consult your dentist before the cleaning so that you can get more accurate cost estimates. 

Routine Dental Exam

Generally speaking, after the dentist has finished the cleaning, they’ll carry out a routine dental exam for the patient. A standard exam costs around $75. A more comprehensive exam costs somewhere between $100 and $150. 

Fluoride Treatment

On occasion, dentists will carry out fluoride treatments to strengthen the enamel of the teeth. These treatments are particularly common for children, as their teeth must grow as healthy and strong as possible. The cost of a fluoride treatment usually runs around $60.  


In some cases, during cleaning, the dentist will discover issues that call for dental X-rays. If X-rays are carried out, you will likely pay around $50 for them. That said, some X-rays can cost less ($25) while others can cost more ($150). 

Scaling/Root Planing

One last procedure that you may receive during a dental cleaning is scaling/root planing. This is a procedure wherein the dentist scrapes tartar off the teeth. It’s done to prevent buildup and helps to keep the teeth healthier over time. 

This procedure can cost up to $300 per quadrant. As such, it’s not used quite as often as other cleaning procedures. 

The Impact of Dental Insurance

The prices discussed above are what you might be charged if you don’t have dental insurance. If you do have dental insurance, it’s likely that the costs of those services would be lower for you. 

Generally speaking, dental insurance will cover two standard cleanings per year. It will typically cover two dental exams as well, and maybe even dental X-rays and fluoride treatments. 

Note, though, that some dental insurance plans only cover portions of some of these procedures. So, if you have a dental X-ray done, for instance, your dental insurance might only pay for half of it. You would need to pay the other half out of your own pocket. 

For specifics on what your dental insurance plan will cover, you’ll need to read up on its details. In any case, be sure to find a local dentist who accepts your insurance. Not all dentists accept all dental insurance plans. 

How to Keep Your Dental Cleaning Costs Down 

While dental cleaning costs aren’t exorbitantly high, they’re not exactly cheap either. So, you might be wondering what you can do to keep your costs down. There are a few strategies you can use, including the following:

Find an Affordable Dentist

Not all dentists charge the same price for a dental cleaning. In fact, some dentists charge hundreds of dollars more than their competitors. So, if you’re looking to keep costs down, you should call several dentists in your area and ask them about the price of a dental cleaning. 

You don’t necessarily need to choose the cheapest dentist, but you’ll at least get an idea about what’s expensive and what’s not. Remember to factor insurance in when choosing your dentist. 

Look for Free Dental Clinics in Your Area

Another option is to look for free dental clinics in your area. Many municipalities and universities provide basic dental services such as cleanings and exams at no charge. If you have a low income, you’ll have a great shot at securing these free services. 

To find free dental services in your area, go to Google and type something like “free dental clinic [your location]” into the search box. You should find several options. 

Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Our last piece of advice is to take good care of your teeth. The better you care for your teeth, the less intensive work you’ll need to have done. The less intensive the dental work, the less you’ll have to pay for it. 

Brush twice a day (when you wake up and before you go to sleep). Floss once a day. And, finally, be sure not to miss professional cleanings. 

If you go without dental cleaning for, say, a year or two, large amounts of plaque and tartar could build up on your teeth. This could result in cavities, decayed teeth, and the like, all of which are more expensive to repair than what a standard dental cleaning would cost. 

The Cost of a Dental Cleaning Is Manageable

While the cost of a dental cleaning certainly isn’t cheap, it is, more or less, manageable. The key is to call around to dentists in your area and ask for estimates. Find the best dentist for your budget and you should be able to handle the expenses for this vital procedure. 

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