What Small Business Phone Features Do You Need?

Small Business Phone

From a single cell phone to a phone answering system, it can be hard to know what kind of small business phone you need. Learn your options here.

Ever wonder what apps and features are present in a business CEO’s phone? 

The standard home phone has features like an answering machine and caller ID. Businesses with excellent phone system feature help you and your employees improve their work quality. 

So what are their features? Well, keep reading more about what small business phone features you may need.

Automatic Call Distributor and Artificial Intelligence

Automatic call distributors offer callers a voice menu of options, like press one for the marketing team or two for the sales team. Artificial intelligence works the same as getting a notification on your laptop as a program auto speeds up an App.

The business phone system also functions in the same manner. The internal technology of the phone is the ability to speed up a procedure.

Video Conference Call Applications

This phone feature enables video and audio conferencing. It’s a significant feature for employees who can’t meet in person but must communicate as a team. It’s essential to join a conference call, primarily if you work from home but need to be part of a team. 

Automated Dial by Name Phone Directory

With an auto phone directory, a caller can pick a person instead of directing callers to a department like technical support. It’s because the employers’ names are already in the directory. However, the number of people in the directory could differ.

Callers could hear a directory and may leave a message for someone. The phone system has an essential add-on to this feature the message can go to a mailbox and a specific person. It’s a unique mode to cover all the grounds when a worker is on sick leave or vacation. 

Routing of Incoming Calls to Different Phone 

Through this feature, you may set up the phone answering system to send incoming calls to various phone numbers.

Managing after-hours calls on a small business phone system is a vital feature. For instance, if you run an HVAC maintenance service. You can set up after-hours crisis calls that will go to any of your specified phone numbers.

Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone Calls

You can use IP with calls instead of a personal or commercial phone line. VoIP can work better with high-speed internet access. However, you can also use VoIP through email if you don’t have high-speed internet.

Did you know that 61% of businesses switched to VoIP in 2018? You can learn more info here.

Best Options for Your Small Business Phone

Managing small businesses doesn’t need to be only within the confines of offices with desk phones. Using a phone with a cloud-based service offers your employees to pick where their phone rings, whether at the office, home landline, or on a small business phone. Having that capacity could be the most critical phone system feature today. 

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