Who owns HBO(Home Box Office)

Who owns HBO

Today we are going to discuss who owns HBO. America’s oldest and great  Premium television network HBO(Home Box Office).HBO is America’s oldest entertainment platform.HBO is a flagship mark of the Home Box Office, Inc. 

HBO is the first television service that is directly operating on cables.HBO was the first television network which is operating directly through satellite.HBO operates 24/7 on televisions without any problem and it shows HD results.

History of HBO(Home Box Office)

Who owns HBO

This television network was founded on 8 November 1972 in New York City. The movies or tv shows which are played on this network are high resolutions. And the sound quality of this network is high quality. This network is one of the best television networks.HBO has some subsidiaries.


  • HBO Nordic AB
  • HBO Films
  • HBO Asia
  • HBO Sports
  • HBO Europe
  • HBO Home Entertainment

HBO made movies, documentaries, comedy shows, and tv shows for cable and the internet.HBO has its paid website HBOmax for online movies or tv shows.HBOmax was established on 27 May 2020.HBOmax is also owned by Warner Bros. Discovery(WBD).HBO also has its sister networks:

  • CNN
  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • TNT
  • Cartoon network
  • Animal Planet
  • TBS

HBO’s business head office is based at 30 Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s West Side. In September 2018 HBO television network was accessible to about 35.656 million United States households that have subscriptions to this network.

From 2014 July to January 2015 HBO was the only major and great television network. Overall HBO is a great and oldest television network. Many peoples don’t know about the merger of HBO and Warner Bros.Discovery or who owns HBO.

Who owns HBO

Today we discuss who owns HBO.HBO was founded by Charles Dolan the American Businessman.HBO is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery(WBD). Warner Bros. Discovery(WBD) is a United States entertainment and multinational media platform. So finally we get the answer who owns HBO.

HBO Sports

Who owns HBO

HBO Sports telecasts sports magazines or documentaries.HBO Sports is managed by Warnermedia news and sports

HBO net worth

Who owns HBO

HBO’s real net worth is unknown. But HBO’s approximate net worth is a 1.86million dollar$.

WarnerBros Discovery

WarnerBros. Discovery is a U.S media and entertainment network.WarnerBros. Discovery was founded on 8 April 2022.WarnerBros. Discovery’s CEO is David Zaslve.WarnerBros.Discovery was formed after the merger of Warnermedia and Discovery Inc.WarnerBros. Discovery also bought the shares of HBO, HBOmax, Warnermedia Films, and the Comic book company(DC comics).

Trending movies on HBO

There are some trending movies on the HBO television network.

  • Ex Machina
  • Under the Skin
  • Room
  • Gravity
  • Last Night in Soho

HBO max

HBO max is an online website to watch movies, tv shows, and documentaries.HBO max is also a WarnerBros. Discovery website. We can watch any movie or tv show which is produced by WarnerBros. Discovery.HBO max is also an old and great website. It’s a paid website. First of all, we have to sign up for an HBO max account, and then we have to pay a monthly fee for the subscription.HBO max is an ad-free website that runs without buffering. This website is a totally legal website because it’s handled by WarnerBros. Discovery.

Warner Bros.Pictures

Warner Bros.Pictures is also a media mass and entertainment studio. Warner Bros.Picture is also owned by WarnerBros. Discovery. Warner Bros. Pictures is founded on 4 April 1923. Warner Bros.Pictures was Founded by:

  • Jack L.Warner
  • Harry Warner
  • Albert Warner
  • Sam Warner

Warner Bros.Pictures subsidiaries:

  • DC Comics
  • New Line Cinema
  • Warner Bros Animation
  • The CW

Warner Bros.Pictures popular movies:

  • Harry Potter 
  • The Aquaman
  • The Batman
  • The Aquaman and the lost Kingdom

Is HBO safe for use

HBO is completely safe for us. We can watch any movie or tv show produced by WarnerBros.Discovery.It’s a paid website. It’s the oldest and best website. It works great. It’s a professional-level website.

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