Why Teeth Aligners Are Better Than Braces

Teeth Aligners

Teeth aligners come with a whole host of benefits compared to traditional braces. Here’s why you should consider getting aligners.

In the past, adults who wanted straighter teeth had to get braces—metal wires and brackets that attach to the teeth and move them over time. However, the idea of a mouth full of metal was less than appealing to some individuals, and not just because of aesthetics. Certain people, such as athletes and musicians, may feel restricted with braces and unable to do what they love. 

Thankfully, there are new alternatives to traditional braces, including clear teeth aligners. Would you like to learn all about them and their benefits? If so, keep reading!

How Do Teeth Aligners Work?

Teeth aligners, such as Invisalign, are made from durable plastic using 3D scans of your mouth. The first set will fit your teeth in their current position but apply slight pressure that starts to shift them in the right direction. 

You’ll change trays as your dentist directs (usually every week or two), advancing your treatment little by little. Eventually, your clear braces will help you achieve a perfectly straight smile. However, the treatment time depends on your oral issues and desired outcomes. 

Benefit # 1: Easy Hygiene Routine

Braces are infamous for making dental care more difficult. Thankfully, that’s not the case with aligner trays. 

If you already have good oral hygiene habits, you won’t need to change them too much. All you need to do is:

Brush your teeth in the morning, at night, and after eating or drinking

Floss at least once a day

Soak your trays in a cleaning solution and gently scrub them before putting them back in your mouth

The most significant difference in your oral hygiene habits will likely be removing your trays when you eat or drink anything except water. However, you’ll likely get used to it within a couple of days.

Benefit # 2: Eat Whatever You Want

People with braces can’t eat certain things, such as popcorn or sticky foods. Yet, those who use aligners have no restrictions. 

You can eat whatever you want once you remove your trays. Just brush and clean your aligners before putting them back on. And remember, you need to wear them for 22 hours a day for effective dental treatment!

Benefit # 3: Spend Less Time in The Dental Office

Braces patients need to get the wires tightened every so often. Plus, they must come into the office anytime there is an emergency, such as a loose wire or bracket. 

Invisalign patients don’t have much to worry about except the occasional check-up. They switch their trays at home, increasing pressure on their teeth as the dentist directs.

Benefit # 4: Discreet Treatment Apt for Everyone

Clear braces are an excellent solution for nearly anyone who wants a healthier, more beautiful smile. Children, teens, and adults can use them if their dentist approves. 

Even individuals who have severe alignment issues may be able to correct them in a timely fashion with teeth aligners. Moreover, they are safe for athletes and make treatment easy for musicians who may not be able to use braces. 

Talk to Your Dentist About Clear Teeth Aligners

If you want a straighter smile, teeth aligners are an option. Schedule an appointment with your dentist, who can devise an ideal treatment plan after examining your mouth.

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