Young Justice season 4 |Review, Ending & Facts

Young Justice season 4

Young Justice season 4 is the most popular DC animated show of all time. Adults and kids both are mad about this season. The journey of Young Justice starts with Young justice. This show consists of 26 episodes and it was officially released on November 26, 2010. This shows IMDb rating is 8.7/10. 

After the success of this show, DC animation released Young Justice season 4 Invasion. And after season 1 the second season achieves more success. The second season was released on April 28, 2012. It consists of 20 episodes.

After that season DC animation studios released Young Justice: Outsiders. This season consists of two parts. The first half was released on January 4, 2019, and consists of 13 episodes. The second half was released on July 2, 2019, and it also consists of 13 episodes. its IMDb rating is also 8.7/10. After all this success after 2 years, Young Justice season 4 Phantoms was released.

Young Justice (Phantoms)

Young Justice season 4

Young Justice: Phantoms is the Young Justice season 4 of the Young Justice series. This season consists on 2 parts. Each part has 13 episodes. The first part was released on October 16, 2021, on HBOmax.The second part released on March 31, 2022. its IMDb rating is 8.7/10 and its Rotten Tomatoes rating is 95%.

The plot of season 4 is Young Justice’s travel to Earth-16. The main villain of this series is Darkside.All the Young Justice team fight against Darkside demons. This Young Justice season 4 is completely amazing. It’s full of emotions, inspiration, and bravery. The leaders inspire the team. At some points, the team fallout but the leader joins them. This season shows a great experience to its audience.

Plot 1 (Mars)

Young Justice season 4

The first arc establishes an amazing tone. In the beginning episodes, Lor-Zod tries to assassinate superboy and he succeeds in sending all of the heroes in emotional condition and fallout them. We see the Martians on Mars. The architecture was so special, cool, and unique which shows the existence of Martians on Mars. 

Then we also see the relation of M’gann’s. We see different problems every minute. Mars is a great experience for us. By seeing the episodes on Mars it feels like aliens. The episodes are full of violence, sexuality, and blood.

Mental health

After the death of Superboy the team breakdown. In all of this, the most affected person by superboy’s death is Kaldur. Kaldur is completely broken. The main thing in this season is the losses of the members. Not just Kaldur Miss martian, Robin, and Beast boy all of them are dealing with the same breakdown. They all are mentally broke. Superboy’s death makes deep pain in the team.

Plot 2. Jade(Cheshire) Artemis(Tigress) and assassins

The second arc consists of 5,6,7, and 8 episodes. The second arc is different from the previous arc. In this arc, everything changes after the death of Superboy. We see Artemis and how she examines her relations. 

We see the early life of Jade’s sister of Artemis and their relations. We see the fight between Batgirl and Barbara against some assassins. This arc is completely different from arc 1. All these superheroines become a team and fight. These episodes are full of fight scenes. It all looks real. The second arc is also great.

Plot 3 (Magic)

The third arc consists of the Young Justice magic side. We see the amazing magic of Zatana and his students. We see the struggles of how they find and rescue Phantom girl and Conner. We saw how magic is affected in this universe. The Magic side of Young justice is my favorite part. We saw the powers of Zatana.

Plot 4 (Story of Atlantis)

That’s mid of season. In this arc we see Atlantis which is really unique and beautiful.We see the politics going on in Atlantis. They give us a glimpse of position. The amazing part is when they fight for the crown of Atlantis. They discuss different issues for Atlantis. This story is completely different from the struggles of Young Justice. In this arc, we see the problems in Atlantis and see how they solve the problems.

Plot 5 (New Gods)

This plot is amazing because it’s about the Old and New Gods. We see the New Genesis. We saw the home of New Gods which is beautiful and look so real and alive. In this arc, Jay Garrick, Rocket, and Forager discuss with New Gods and Green Lanterns force to solve their issues. On the other hand, Lor-Zod and his team try to break into Metron’s infinity Vault to rescue his parents.

Plot 6 (Ending)

In the end, we saw a lot of action. we saw that Superboy is alive again. We see how all heroes come back and become a strong team. We see how heroes address their feelings. There are some characters who are sidekicks but make a great effect on the show. Overall the action scenes are great.


Frankly, I really love this show, especially Young Justice season 4. This show is a great experience for me. And I’m sure you all also love this show. Its action scenes are amazing. Its architecture is great and real. This show connected with us emotionally. This season is the best show by DC animation studios. This season shows us bravery, inspiration, and emotions. In the end, I would say that this show is totally crazy.

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