What Is Mastodon?

What Is Mastodon

It’s hard to understate the attention Mastodon has gotten in the past year. With other platforms going downhill and taking action people don’t like, alternatives are starting to pop up.

Mastodon is one of the most popular alternatives. Reports show that Mastodon has grown to 1.5 million downloads in the past year.

If you’re wondering what Mastodon is and why you should use it, look no further. Keep reading to learn about the technology behind Mastodon and the reasons people are flocking to it.

What Is Mastodon

Mastodon is a loose collection of independent servers that operate a protocol called ActivityPub. Instead of having a central server managing the social network, each separate server runs on its own and uses the main protocol to talk to other servers.

This system is also known as the Fediverse. The idea is to have a collection of smaller decentralized social networks like usne.social with their own ways of doing things. The server owners can create rules for the server and assign moderators to apply those rules.

However, one difference between Mastodon and ActivityPub is the ability to talk to other servers on the protocol. In traditional situations, a website only allows you to speak with other users on the platform. Since Mastodon uses a shared communication system between servers, that limitation doesn’t exist.

In the end, you get a system like an email account that gives you similar abilities to the Twitter social media network.

Benefits of Using Mastodon

Now that you understand what Mastodon is, the question becomes, is it worth learning how to make it work for you? Read on to learn the benefits of social networking with Mastodon.

Find a Community

Websites like Twitter are a one-size-fits-all solution. You can find people who share your interests, but everyone else can be involved in the conversation.

With Mastodon, you can find smaller community servers that align with your interests. People set up servers for their hobbies, movies, politics, and everything else you can think of. That means you can find an online community tailored to your interests.

Zero Advertisements

One of the most significant issues with modern social media is advertisements. It’s hard to scroll down your feed without seeing countless advertisements.

While Mastodon is a free service, you won’t see the same issue with ads. These servers are community-run, which means a corporation doesn’t need to sell ad space to make money.

Some servers may ask for donations, and others can offer a subscription. But the main servers on Mastodon are free and won’t send ads to their users.

Content Moderation

Another issue with large social media networks is content moderation. It’s hard to track millions of users, so you may find content that doesn’t align with your values or end up being harassed.

Currently, that problem is much less of a concern on Mastodon. Content moderation is taken seriously by server owners, so the chances are good that you won’t face those same issues on a Mastodon server.

Sign Up for a Mastodon Account Today

With all the uncertainty with traditional social media platforms, it’s no surprise you’re looking at alternatives. You want to find a space that works for you and doesn’t have historical baggage.

Mastodon is a great social media platform if you’re looking for Twitter alternatives. Sign up for a Mastodon server today to explore the app yourself.

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